Install Process

A lot of questions might come up when you are thinking about having new flooring installed.  This page is designed to give you a quick overview of what to expect.

Call for free quote.

Call for free quote.


The first step – Call:

          Call for a free quote.  It’s free and there is no obligation.  I know installing new flooring is a big decision, but you can’t make it without getting some firm numbers in your hand.  






Many choices of flooring.

Many choices of flooring.



Step two – Samples and Quote:

I will come over, show you some samples, measure your area and put together a full quote for you.




Step three, Order:

          After you decide which flooring best suits your needs, I will take a deposit and order your flooring.






Step four – Acclimation: 

          When the flooring comes in I will deliver it to your house so the flooring can acclimate.  Acclimation is when the new flooring sits inside your house and gets used to the moisture and temperature in your house.  This helps to ensure a stable, problem-free floor.  Solid plank flooring need to acclimate for about a week prior to installation.  Some laminates have no acclimation period.









Step five – Installation:

          After the flooring has acclimated, we will move the furniture, tear out your old carpet or other flooring and begin the installation process.





All finished.

All finished!

Step six – Put it all back together:

          After the installation of the new flooring is complete, we install your trim and move your furniture back into place.  We also put felt pads under all of your furniture to ensure you don’t get any scratches on your new flooring.  Final payment is due when we finish the project and you love your new flooring!


Questions & Answers:

    Q&A:  Will we have to be out of the house while the installation is under way?  No.  Most of the time, if installing pre-finished flooring, you won’t have to leave the house at all during the installation process.  You may be inconvenienced, depending on which areas of the house are getting the new flooring.  

     Q&A:  How soon can be use the newly floored areas after installation?  You can use newly floored area as soon as we finish and move the furniture back in place.  

     Q&A:  How long will the job take?  Most jobs of a 1000SF or less will take a week or less to complete.  

     Q&A:  When should I schedule?  If you have dates that work best for your schedule, we can reserve them on the calender for you.

     Q&A:  How much lead time do you need?  Most of the time, two or three weeks lead time is plenty to get you on the calendar.  Don’t forget the include the acclimation period in your schedule.  

     Q&A:  What about our special circumstances?  If you have any special considerations, please contact me in person.  I’m sure I can accomodate your individual needs.  

If you have any other questions at all, just ask!