Why replace your carpet?


filthy carpet

This is probably in your house right now!

Why tear out your old carpet and replace it with new flooring?  Mainly because old carpet is impossible to keep clean!  Most home owners can’t believe what their carpet looks like on the underside when we tear the carpet out.  It is completly covered with disgusting food stains, and urine stains and dirt and dust mites underneath and who knows what else!  All of this stuff is affecting the air you breath in your home every day.  Not only does it effect the air quality, it also smells bad.

Filth under carpet.

Think filth isn’t piled up under YOUR carpet?

The above picture is NOT stagged.  The filth was so think underneath this client’s carpet that I could actually write my name in it!

The Consumer Product Safety Commission labels wet or damp carpet as a ‘source of indoor air pollution’.  One of the top ways they recommend to reduce this pollutant is to…”remove the source”.  Sounds like good advice.

The National Center for Healthy Houseing recommends to avoid wall-to-wall carpets in damp areas and in rooms of individuals with allergies or asthma.  And to consider not installing wall-to-wall carpeting in a bedroom for a person who has asthma or allergies, especially a person who is sensitive to pet dander and dust mites, because hard-surface floors are easier to clean than carpet.  They also state that once established, dust mites are difficult to remove from carpeting.  Further they say that carpets accumulate dust and dirt in the amount of approximately 5-25 grams per square meter of surface area, depending on type of material, foot traffic, and other factors, which is a far greater extent than hard flooring. People stir up a personal cloud of dust not visible to the naked eye through normal indoor activities (such as walking and cleaning), resulting in increased personal exposures to whatever is in the dust.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, “The magnitude of the potential significance of carpeting as a source and reservoir of indoor allergens indicates that it should be given consideration as a serious problem.”

***Don’t hesitate, call today to discuss your new flooring.  You owe it to yourself and your family.